The WCDC provides catering and restaurant training to adults with disabilities.  By providing training and teaming with local restaurants and catering establishments, we are able to provide meaningful employment to those with intellectual disabilities.

Residential Services

Our residential services program helps our clients live life to their highest level of independence.  Our program provides both supervised homes that are staffed by trained counselors, and individual placements into IFC homes in the community.  The goal of the residential program is to train individuals to become more independent in their daily living skills.

Inner Ocean Soaps

Inner Ocean

Inner Ocean is a company by the WCDC which gives our clients a chance to create beautiful and natural glycerin soaps.  These high quality soaps are made from seaweed harvested from the Assawoman Bay.  Best of all, Inner Ocean gives meaningful employment to adults with intellectual disabilities. To view or order our soap, Click Here .

Linen Service

The WCDC partners with hotels and restaurants in Ocean City, Pocomoke, and surrounding areas to deliver high quality linen service, while empowering adults with intellectual disabilities.  By partnering with the WCDC, our customers receive quality service and a great feeling from the community.  Feel free to contact us to learn more and see our operation up close.

Cleaning services

Cleaning & Janitorial

From weekly condo cleaning to cleaning industrial buildings, the WCDC trains adults with intellectual disabilities to enter the workforce with the skills to accomplish their tasks.

Lawn Service

Chores are never fun, but the WCDC can help residents of Ocean Pines with their lawns.  We can help edge, mow, and maintain your lawn.  Contact Jack Ferry at (410)632-2382 ext 117 to learn more and have more time to relax!